Zimbabwe Fashion Week – Where you need to be #ZFW2013

Hey lovelies, I know I am a quite late with this post and as you know school has been keeping me busy but here it goes.

Zimbabwe Fashion Weeek is an annually fashion that brings together established designers, upcoming designers (Young Designers Programmes), a memorable performance by a huge artist and also some fashion awards. As you reading this post, some people are already preparing to go to the Opening cocktail and since you are reading this, it might mean that you were not invited there LOL!!!


But on to serious business…if you thinking on attending then here is stuff that you need to know

Tickets have been available since the 5th of August from Sam Levy’s Villlage from 12:00 – 15:00 Mon – Sat and there hasn’t really been news of any show being sold out so I am guessing you can still grab a ticket for you and a friend

Front row seats $25
Second row seats $20
General seating $15
VIP Access all week $150 ( access to the VIP lounge with snacks and refreshments)
ALL ACCESS PASS $450 ( front row to all 17 shows plus VIP Access)

Show Schedule
Since you need to kinda know this so you know to buy the ticket for the designers you wanna see 🙂

    Day 1 (28th of August, 2013):

19:00: ZFW 2013 Opening Cocktail at SA Ambassador’s House (invitation only)
20: 00: Young Designers Installation

    Day 2 (29th of August, 2013):

18:00: House of Kiki M (Kimberly Masimbe)
19: 00: HP Designs (Moline Katiyo Mayhew) | Zargue’sia (Ishmael Tsakatsa) | Faithwear
20:00: Lon Crae (Nadine Neinaber) | Alpha Rose (Yvonne Ndawana)
21:00: Countess K (Alice Knuth) | Gilded Sands (Aobakwe Molosiwa) from Botswana
22:00: Czeerat (Colin Ratisai) | Estelle Mantel Clothing from Zambia

    Day 3 (30th of August, 2013):

18:00: Zimbabwe Designer Galleria
19: 00: Teez-M (Thembani Dube) from South Africa | Zuvva (Joyce Chimanye)
20:00: Lon Crae (Nadine Neinaber) | Alpha Rose (Yvonne Ndawana)
21:00: The Ndau Collection
22:00: Mucha (Tsitsi Mutendi)

    Day 4 (31st of August, 2013):

12:00: Young Designers Competition (ZFW)
17: 00: Goddess (Fatima Jeradi) | JoJo by JB Couture (Joanne Burger) | LiZA (Kuda Chigariro)
18:00: Rumbie by Rumbie (Rumbi Muzofa) | Pertkot Government (Zvzorzi Adby)
19:00: Brotherhood Clothing (Terrence Chipembere) | Maurice Gracial (Tafadzwa Moyo)
20:00: Caileigh Colleen (Caileigh Povall) | House of Yemurai (Yemurai Mpinyuri)
21:00: Gavin Rajah (From South Africa)

Who is the artist for the huge performance??
Tamara Dey will be performing and she has been “dubbed the First Lady of Kwaito, an icon of township pop, & ‘The First Lady of Song’ (Sunday Times).” <— Just click on her name to read more about her.

Guest Designer
This is where all the hype comes down to…the guest designer…Gavin Rajah ….Just from his website you can tell that he is not about jokes when it comes to designing. He regularly shows at the Paris Fashion Week and he is based in Cape Town. If you can only afford one ticket then I would say, choose the day he is showcasing.



And lastly….. Zimbabwe Fashion Awards
You can nominate people in the following categories…and I will just give suggests of people you can nominate and of course I will only list people who I think might be deserving (according to me!!)
Photographer of the Year – Tnash PhotographyMichele Huddy-Fortmann … Zash Craft
Blogger of the Year – Royal Fashion Files (Me!!!) … Signature ToscieConcrete Jungle Fashion
Contributor to Fashion Media – Mellissa Mazingi of Zim Fashionista
Style Icon of the Year – I bet this one is going to Pokello
Accessory Designer of the Year – Ndau Jewellery

I know this was a bit of information overload but hey i just had to get it out.
P.S. – While you people enjoy #ZFW2013, i am busy studying for a test…so gotta go

Love you guys lots…